About Veikl

It’s the biggest online archive of automobile documents such as brochures, owner’s manuals, service manuals, photographs, wallpapers and much more.
Veikl is a huge community of enthusiasts that want to share their documents, publishing and sharing them with like-minded others, but also downloading them free of charge, this is the essence of veikl.
It’s an ever more complete and available archive to everyone thanks to our contributors

The Idea

Veikl came about from an idea of a group of car lovers who wanted to share their automotive documents collected over the years.
With the concept to make all documents accessible this portal was created and in no time it’s already become a go to for all car lovers.
We feel car enthusiasts in all their numbers and diversity deserve their own site where they are able to browse and find all the information they are looking for.
The spirit of veikl is sharing, all the files are downloadable free of charge
We hope to add you as contributor like the many who already regularly contribute, do upload in the appropriate section.
Approved files will be published with the username who uploaded them so that everyone knows the contributor.
Do you have car files you want to share and aren’t currently on the site?
Sign up here and upload your material straight away, and furthermore you can also take part in the creation of the most important and varied automobile document site in the world.
Brochures are no longer downloadable. If you are interested in a particular brochure write us at info@veikl.com

Join us, become a contributor!

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